Thoughts on the most recent season?

I thought season 19 was their most complex, brilliant, and well done season yet, even though I was slow to buy into the serialization. Brilliant, brilliant social criticism. Personally, I thought that season 20 was pretty sub-par. No doubt, there were amazing parts. Fuck them all to death, 'quitting social media,' Memba Chewbacca again, election scenes, Dildo Schwaggens, Bill & Bill, and much more. But, what the heck happened to the Member berry story? I'm thinking they never thought Trump would win and it destroyed their narrative plan? Anti climactic Cartman relationship story line? Does anyone know why Space X was so integral / blew up? I get that they had some good reasons to integrate trolling, but did I miss something? A bit over the top?

It felt repetitive. I appreciated Cartman's anti-humor humor, but after a while girls being funny, vaginas, and Trump get stale.

I've got to give Matt & Trey the benefit of the doubt and assume that some of the narrative story arcs haven't been forgotten or ignored and will be continued in the next season. But I can't help but feel like something was screwed up.

Serialization -- in a show that is ~20 minutes, I just don't think you can do a good job at a coherent story. Little bits of serialization, like Lorde, work well... but this... I think it was too challenging and they compromised a lot of opportunities for humor.