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Thread: [POLL] Which Web stack do you use?

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    I know we have quite a few coders here, or at least people who have built their own sites. I wanted to see what you all prefer as far as development. Comment on why you use your chosen software/platform/framework - it'll be interesting to see what we can all learn from each other!

    Personally, as I've said before, I use Rails mostly, but I'd like to look into some other frameworks. I'm not very fond of Wordpress at all. Java Play looks very promising, as well as Scalatra, for frameworks. Plus, I feel I'm not really a good developer until I've gotten some experience with some of the JavaScript technologies - Angular, Node, Meteor... but we'll see how that goes.

    Even if you don't really code and just build sites from frameworks to make money or pursue your niches, post and let's discuss!
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    I don't do any of that serious development. At least, not yet. Been immersing myself into more marketing and brand building the past ~4 months.

    If you're looking to build a content/review/info/turnkey site and flip it, your best bet is to use an established CMS. Your sale will actually (generally) lose value if you use a custom CMS or difficult/primitive system. Generally, the most popular options is still wordpress, unless your ecommerce. As long as you don't use many plugins and you don't use a bloated theme, WP isn't a terrible option. Will have more security vulnerabilities and WP is continuing to add more CMS bloat I don't like. Start with a stripped down theme and build up.

    For purely content based / display sites you're not looking to flip, I adore picocms ยท GitHub and its variations.
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