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  1. #1 Free Club Live Botting 
    I felt we needed a new thread, as that thread was old, and this program is new.

    I will bot 1-5 accounts for 1-5 days depending on who you are.

    I let you choose the delays for your accounts, and if you want to use proxies or not.

    I am not using CLX, ICHC, DBN's Bot, Etc. And this is only to gain more reputation with Cn's fellow members.


    Lone Defiler
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    If you're not using DBN's bot or any of those, then what are you using?

    And I'll take 2 accounts.
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    Previously tojokid93 tojo's Avatar
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    Or a scam!

    Edit: Hmmm didnt see that sub
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    2 accounts
    90-120 delay.

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    1-2 accounts
    90-144 delays.

    thank you so much man!
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    The program is called Phantom.

    Just pm me the account details, and I will start some time. I am really tired right now though.
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    2-3 Accounts with 90-120 delays
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    You have to send me the accounts.

    No more until I finish with 4 people who posted before this.
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    Lone defiler is doing an excellent job botting my accounts. He is very generous and kind while asking me what sort of delays i wanted or what games did I want my accounts botted with.
    If I could, I would rep him infinity times.
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    So your the Lone Defiler at RSCA right?
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