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  1. #1 $100 Amazon GC. 
    I have a $100 amazon gc, a copy of it is shown below...

    Selling via PayPal. $80 obo.
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    I'll buy for 80. PMing details
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    PM'd Back, Make sure to go through,
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    I would by it for $85 >.>
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    Quote Originally Posted by mullenlegend View Post
    I would by it for $85 >.>
    If he doesnt like it then your next. If not,

    This gc is for AMAZON.CA

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    Quote Originally Posted by xbladeinc View Post
    If he doesnt like it then your next. If not,

    This gc is for AMAZON.CA
    wait wot. Can it be used on Is it $100 USD? If the answer is yes to both of those questions, I'll pay $90
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    nope. I just tried redeeming on US account and it didn't work... Deal fell through because of that

    someone buy it!
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    If it is .ca then I withdraw my offer. 0_0
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    2. Limitations.
    Gift Certificates may not be redeemed for the purchase of products through in-store pickup, or at,,,,, or any other Web site operated by, its affiliates, or any other person or entity.

    There you go, fuc.... Should have bought the gc for .com.

    P.S: You know you can easily sell this to someone else, Im just stopping here first.
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    why are you showing the claim code?
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