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    Your Statistics
    # of Website Visits 181

    Your Referral Statistics
    # of Referrals (view) 84
    # of Referral Website Visits 15644

    Additional Credit/Debit
    # of Credit/Debit (view) 0.09

    Balance Information
    Account Balance (cashout) $ 158.3400
    Total Amount Paid $ 0.0000

    those are the stats getting about 3-6$ a day from refs all were bought through never used a auto clicker everythings legit.. i dont own alertpay or paypal so i cant cashout thats why im getting rid of this

    NO THIS IS NO SCAM ITS LEGIT anyone who i owed money to in the past to give em a bad rep on here contact me via pm
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    Screenshot of it? and trade for what?
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    anything i can use on the internet.. amazon GC.. other giftcards.. accounts idk jus offer lol

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