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    Bot for offer below:

    Post-itŪ Keep Organization Simple

    Download link:

    HotShare - Post-it.exe
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    What do we put in the occupation, referrer, etc?

    Edit: nvm I just found out I don't have to change it at all I'm first starting off with 25 so they won't catch me and so the mail wouldn't get pisssed off
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    Quote Originally Posted by D1am0nd Pr0 View Post
    What do we put in the occupation, referrer, etc?
    All preset. Just fill out contact info.
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    ordered 15 once again another epic bot !
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    thank u soooooooooooo much
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    Nice Public Release
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    Sweet! Me likes
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    Nice bot l33t! You are definitely 1 of the best coders if not the best here. Did you finish the office depot bot btw? Keep up the good work.
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    Ordered like 200
    Past Usernames: Im So Pro & ISP
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    Thanks, Ordered 100
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