Thread: [RELEASE] TruPhone SIM Card Sample Bot By ItsAciD {2/23/2010}

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    Hey guys this is ItsAciD again for another freebie Sample Bot Release. This bot goes to this website Truphone Local Anywhere - Find out more .. And requests unlimited samples.. Here is a screenshot of the bot in progress....

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    So ya

    will I win $1k?

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    promo code is: F23T5J

    if someone only feels like 1.

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    What's so special about these?
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    Quote Originally Posted by LuN4TiK View Post
    What's so special about these?
    preloaded with $7.50 call time, you'd know if you clicked on the site dingdong.

    also, somebody give this nig coder status k!
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    Damn, that's like the 1546272nd bot you've made, nice.
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    Nice to have some consistent bots, keep up the good work.
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    seems like you need the "mr" part added since its throwing an error.
    And you could possibly add more countries.
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    ok some questions though,since i'm a noob at using do i put real names etc and for the email can i just put my real yahoo mail for example

    edit : can more countries be added, im in netherlands
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    Lmao acclaim makes a 15 hard limit so it's fair for everyone else to get a chance to get some, and you go and code one with unlimited submits and release it? That's uber gay.
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