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Thread: iPhone Color

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  1. #1 iPhone Color 
    White or blizzack?

    White is original and whatnot but a lot of the cases I've found are for the black one. It looks weird on the white.

    Black is what everyone basically has. Any case, any whatever.


    Update: I got black.
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    black is sexier
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    i haz blax
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    i haz gray
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    black is kool goes withe everything, white seems to get dirty easier, but it dose stand out more
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    black like the color of my PENIS
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    white because you wont see the scratch as in the black one.
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    Yeah I figured too that scratches would be harder to notice on the white. I know with my 1st gen black nano the scratches are kind of noticeable. But I'm going to be buying a case with it so I don't know if it's worth getting the white to be an individual if it's going to be behind a case.
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    I'd say black, it looks nice... of course not adding in all the other aspects.
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