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    Quote Originally Posted by gold25 View Post
    Swagbucks,Zoombucks[International],irazoo are legit
    Yeah, that's true.
    But it's easier to get prizes on Swagbucks than Zoombucks. ZB search is slow while SB search allowed me to get 3-4 points a day + referral + their offers. irazoo are the worst compare to ZB and SB, but still legit.
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    Ryan Koonce, the owner of SuperPoints, said he's probabyly going to relaunch Lucky Search too, so that will be another one, can't wait.
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    irazoo is the best!!
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    The time it takes to make the points on those site you guys can join the ptc sites I signed up for and earn actual cash (free). You can check out my post or the banners below. I have screen shots of payments if you need them, also if you are interested in chatting about it, you can either message me here or at yahoo ( listofptcsites this is my yahoo id ).

    Top Earners
    No limit to the amount of ads you can view per day for both sites. Ads all day long

    1) LogiPTC - LogiPTC Home Page
    Pay is $0.005 - $0.01
    10% per referral

    2) AyuWage - Homepage
    Pay is $0.005 - $0.03 (highest I've seen so far)
    10% per referral
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    Does anybody know if Blingo links are working anymore?
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