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  1. #1 Free hosting + affiliate program! 
    EDIT: Apparently this has been posted before, didnt notice because there was no results in search and no 000webhost in the titles of the others. Mod please Close this
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    how much can you get paid from this?
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    This has been posted before

    4 times, note the above different links for nearly each word.
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    It has o.o i searched and i got no results, and i typed most of it, i only used the stats and a few lines because they tell you you can use them, but if it has been posted before then it is my mistake, i will remove the stuff and get a mod to close it. Sorry :/ oh and 5$ per referral
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    its easy to convert because free members can use the cpanel..good idea op
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    I heard they don't really pay you for the referalling thingy.
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    really they dont pay o.o Well i still have faith and anyways its fun and easy to use, + its free
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