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    Hey everyone,

    I was doing a little bit of surfing and I just stumbled upon a site that lets you play flash game's and for doing so, you get $0.01 per game you play, into your paypal.

    The payout is $15.00.
    "To protect ourselves from Scammers/Cheaters we have a build-in statistic system to track down user playing time, and other stats.
    If we caught you cheating, you'll be banned for life; so don't even try it. "

    I don't know much about this site, but some people are really into flash games so if you want, you can earn a bit of money in your spare time and it also takes 1,500 games to play to even cashout so take your time ..

    Just think of it as a pay to click website with a very high payout.

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    Bot like ICHC could work

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    has potential

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    Games aren't that great, but I'm willing to give this a shot xD

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    Same here. Bourkster, with his knowledge of Flash should be able to find some weakness.

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    best game ever Rihanna -

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    This site is shit. It doesn't even have good support besides a link exchange.

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    Lol yeah I no, the owners a bit noob, but oh well I've got some time to spare.

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    if the owner doesnt no much, then thats good for us, lol...

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    Quote Originally Posted by faq
    f.a.q: So what’s this site all about then?
    search f.a.q is basically a community driven online gaming website. Its main focus is on online games however you can also use to meet new people and chat with buddies.
    the faq is funny

    my earning too. i've just joined and played no game and the Paypal address isn't what i entered and i can't change it
    Quote Originally Posted by
    Current Amount of Money: $1.08
    Paid out Money: $4.09
    Total Amount of Money Earned: $5.17
    PayPalPayment Adress:

    Minimum Payout: $15

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