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    Based on your feedback, we're testing out a new redemption process this month. We are offering an additional three waves (“Member Appreciation Redemption”) as well as the general redemption for a total of four waves in order to give our members more chances and new ways to redeem.

    On Feb. 18, members can sign up for the Member Appreciation Redemption.

    Here's how it works:

    The Member Appreciation Redemption will take place on Feb. 25 in three waves:

    For 350 PTZ, you get up to three chances to redeem.

    For 250 PTZ, you get up to two chances to redeem.

    For 100 PTZ, you get one chance to redeem.

    As soon as you sign up, your confirmation page will give you the redemption time(s).

    By signing up, you'll gain access into an exclusive PTZ Place on Feb.25.

    Taking part in our Member Appreciation Redemption does not guarantee a prize, but it does increase your chances.

    If you don't want to participate, don't worry! We'll be having a general redemption soon after the Member Appreciation Redemption.

    You may only redeem one prize in total in February.

    We'll be posting the rules and FAQ soon so stay tuned.

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    Wow just another way to waste our ptz. Fuck you Lockerz I'm cheating again for a shitload of ptz.
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    can't lockerz have redemptions without playing its dirty tricks
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    Quote Originally Posted by JLick View Post
    Wow just another way to waste our ptz. Fuck you Lockerz I'm cheating again for a shitload of ptz.
    LMAO. That's what I need to start doing. xD

    So the only way to redeem is to buy one of these pieces of shit?

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    wow... bad idea lockerz........
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    Quote Originally Posted by jlick View Post
    wow just another way to waste our ptz. Fuck you lockerz i'm cheating again for a shitload of ptz.

    totally agree...they fail worst then bing asking for tax!!!
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    I might do this considering that I want a ps3 really bad >___>;;
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    lol im with you JLick FUX Lockerz, why dont they stop being lazy bastards and just fully launch the website.
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    i will decide if i m gonna waste ptz on this after they release the timings which they better
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    One word. Crapola. Seriously, dude. We don't want to risk our ptz on chances. Chances are ugly.

    I know because I gave my friend plenty of chances hoping she'd love me back but you know what, she screwed me over. So fuck chances, lmao.
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