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    I guess there really was a glitch in their system, because I know that I did not cheat. They first sent me an e-mail saying I cheated and my PTZ would be set to 0, so I was kind of pissed. But, yesterday I get this e-mail about $50 getting sent to my paypal account:
    Hello Josh,

    Tracy Brown just sent you money with PayPal.
    Payment details
    Amount: $50.00 USD

    Transaction Date: Dec 30, 2009

    Transaction ID: *********************

    Subject: Lockerz November PTZ Place event

    Message: Dear Lockerz member, We're writing to let you know that we understand your disappointment at not being able to redeem during our November PTZ Place event. Since you're a valued member of Lockerz, we'd like to give you a $50.00 US dollar gift. The money will be deposited into your PayPal account. There are no fees added onto this. If you don't have a PayPal account, you can easily set one up by going to When you sign up, please use your Lockerz email address. The transaction should be completed within a few days. Thanks for your patience and for being part of Lockerz in these early days. We're looking forward to introducing you to amazing new features, as we get ready to launch the official site in 2010. Best, The Lockerz Crew

    View the details of this transaction online

    Tracy Brown is a Verified buyer.

    Tracy Brown has completed the PayPal Verification process to help confirm their identity, and they have a confirmed bank account, or been approved for a PayPal Plus Credit Card.
    The PayPal Verification process is a security measure to confirm that a user is the owner of the bank account or credit card they are using in PayPal. Confirming each user's identity helps prevent fraud, such as identity theft, and increases the security of payments in PayPal.
    Have you increased your withdrawal and receiving limits? Just log in to your PayPal account, go to the Account Overview page, and click View Limits.
    Then, I checked Lockerz, and they gave me back the 500 PTZ that I lost when I restocked. Woo-hoo!
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    Congratz to you dood!
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