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  1. #1 How to Access The Cheating Network (and other sites) when it's blocked at work/school 
    The subtitle of this guide should be "Besides using your smartphone's data, durrr!"

    Obvious disclaimer is obvious: this may not work for you as it works for me.

    If you are a human being like me, with parts of your life that don't revolve around The Cheating Network, you will likely be using computers that aren't yours during your day. Chances are, if you do, you will be blocked from CN and some other cool websites. In my case, I can use all kinds of social media, but I can't see any pictures hosted outside of them (no imgur, no photobucket, no tinypic, no nothing). Sure, I can look up the same thing on my phone, but it's annoying and time consuming. Plus, I wouldn't be able to type this long-ass post on my phone (unless I want it to be done for xmas)

    Introducing (unless you already know it)... RollApp

    Here's its about page:

    About rollApp
    rollApp builds an online application virtualization platform, which allows to run any application on any device with just a web browser. When running on rollApp applications behave the same way as if they were installed locally.

    Having hundreds of applications available on-demand from the cloud in just one click enables use cases, which were unthinkable before:

    compatibility is not an issue – use the application you need on a device you have
    open any file at any time – all necessary apps are instantly available in the cloud
    run heavy workloads from mobile devices
    When you need to do something with any application, we enable you to do it.
    I disagree with the part saying the applications behave the same way as if they were installed locally. I have found this to be pretty laggy and sometimes it crashes.

    We'll go to and sign up (I trust you can handle this part without much guidance).

    I am lazy and I just signed up with my Google credentials. There are other ways to sign up

    Anyway, what we'll do is this: we'll connect to a computer on their servers that will run Chromium for us and display it inside our browser. For those who don't know, Chromium is the Unix/Linux version(-ish) of Chrome

    It shows up pinned in my Quick Launch section because I've used it before (and I am using it right now to write this post)

    But here's where you usually find it, under the Utilities group in the apps section (or do a search!)

    Click the big ol' Launch Button and it'll open Chromium as a new window

    Excuse the Spanishness of the next few screenshots. I didn't bother figuring out how to change my Chrome profile back to English

    Use Chromium as you would your normal browser (with a few caveats I'll address shortly)

    Since we don't have any bookmarks (I think you may be able to log in with your Google profile, but I don't use it), we'll search Google for The Cheating Network and give it a click. Preferrable to bookmarking the site anyway, as I am told we are still re-building up our ranking

    Quoting War Machine: "Boom, You Looking For This?" Just log in as normal (hope you remember your password!)

    Here's a screenshot showing that "you" are really somewhere in New York.

    Here's some caveats:

    * It's slow, laggy, and sometimes it will crash on you
    * No, you can't watch YouTube videos, unless you like no sound and 1 frame per minute
    * You're supposed to close Chromium by closing the tabs. If you close the window, it will still be open on the server (it'll auto close after a while, though)
    * I need to use ctrl-tab to navigate between tabs. If I click on them, they will close (frustrating)
    * You have to use their clipboard manager to copy things in and out of the Chromium app. This only works sometimes.
    * You can't download files directly from it on the free version, but you can hook it up to your Google Drive or Dropbox to open your files in it (this is actually more useful for the other RollApps). I do use it to look up something on the Pirate Bay and then copy the download link into my seedbox. Then I can normally FTP into my seedbox and get it, but again that depends on your setup and what else is/isn't blocked where you are
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    Oh sweet! I just noticed that you updated the OP will the full description! Thank you
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    Well, that was that. They moved Chromium and Firefox to be premium apps only. My work blocks all VPN and remote connection ports, so paying them $5 or $6 a month would be my only option. But I have no restrictions on using my phone at work, so I don't really need this. Hopefully now that it's premium, it will be less laggy for those that do want to pay.
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