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    Cheap/Free Sodas For Everyone! Gonna try this tomorrow at school.

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    Okay, this wont work on all soda machines, only 2002-2003 Versions, it depends on the company that supplied the machine, so if it doesn’t work, on a soda machine, don’t cry and be a *****, just smash the machine open, but for the people with real coke machines and pepsi machines, we can just hack into it, so lets start with the basic admin pass for most world wide coke/pepsi machines, which would go like this, you hit the fourth button going down on the machine, and than hit the second choice button going down the machine, and than you hit the third button going down the machine, and than you hit the first button going down the machine, and if the system monitor, says error, that means your in the admin cp of the Coke/Pepsi machine, so, now all we got to do is lower the price to something like 5 cents, you would do this by holding down the fifth button going down on the machine, and than, hold that down for 10 seconds, and hit the forth button, and than the third till It says something like S(weird *** symbol)05, and than put your nickel in, and select the drink you want for 5 cents, its actually pretty simple and sad, that the whole world doesn’t know this trick, although I hear tons of people say this works best on Gatorade machines, although, there idiots, because that’s just the design, not a different machine.
    Simplified would be (4-2-3-1 now it should say error then hold 5th for 10 sec, 4-3 until it says S***05 or something.)

    Soda Machine Hack 2
    By Phreakquency aka Graham Phisher
    (images taken by Graham Phisher)

    Your Target

    5 Sodas Free!

    Soda For Spectators And Friends (no I&#39;m not in this pic)

    This Little Trick Will Involve 1 Dollar, And One Of The Newer Soda Machines That Uses The Side Arm Crane, And Makes The Soda Come Out On The Right Side, You Know The One In Malls Now With the TV Screen, well it just so happens you can glitch these things into giving you two sodas for the price of one! Alright check this out, you put the dollar in the machine, order any drink you want, choose one you prefer, now block the soda from coming out on the side, by blocking the one way door. After a couple of seconds the crane should go down, but with the soda still in its grasp. The Dollar should come out of the machine again! Now doesn’t this look odd a crane holding a bottle of soda at the bottom and you with a dollar in your hand, now put the dollar back in, order another drink it cant be the same drink, you have to choose another drink from a different row. Now the crane should be holding two sodas, and should be coming at the door with two sodas! Grab both and drink your reward, stolen goods always taste better, because its illegal, and illegal is sexy, modern, and hot.

    Soda Machine Hack 3

    4-3-2-1-1-Hold Change Button/Lever Down-All Change Comes Out Soda Machine, I&#39;m not sure what version this works on but all I know is that it works on the machines infront of the albertsons near I live, so basically its just jack pot than buy some doughnuts and rockstar.[/b][/b]
    CREDITS GOES TO;Grahamdumba...Phisher...
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    hah oh yea i posted on this b4 the crash and we do this in my school all the time it works liek a charm!
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    Which 1 you guys do? Any tips? What the machine look like?
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    the one that has the conveyuer belt and u hold ur hand when the soda is about to come out and it gets stuck and give u ur money back
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  5. #5 not wise to do this (jackpot) on a soda machine that is outside and around a lot of people....lmao...just take it from me!!!!
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    haha, the 1 Harout does, we dont have that 1 at the school gonna try the other 2 hacks for that 1 its at the back of the school so no1 will see ^.- Ive seen the ones u hacked tho, they are at the movies/mall, gotta try that sometime haha. Took notes on Iphone trying the 1st and last 1 tomorrow.
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  7. #7 is this? I posted this a few days ago <_<
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    Yeah, but all threads deleted. So I reposted from another source.
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    this isn&#39;t from another source...this is from Grahamdumba...Phisher...
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    Anyone know what the jackpot (change dumping) soda machine looks like? Thanks.
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