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    I'm working on an emblem for my guild, and i'm trying to figure out how to erase whites. Because in the game it's a 16x16 BMP image and if there are whites it just looks like a framed image on it. That's not what i'm going for. Also, if you would like to design your own for me that could be cool =D. Here's the images that have been made so far, if you make one i want it to be along these lines... thanks.

    Image one:

    Image two:

    Image three:
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    What program are you using to edit them?
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    You mean make whites into transparent? I think you could only do that with a gif file and not a bitmap.
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    aww... yea that is what i was talking about... but the default icon has transparents in it.....
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    this good


    Actually I made all whites transparent, which apparently made much of the sword transparent. I'll try again, but that may be the best I can do

    EDIT again. I figured it out, creating new images now

    New Ones, I think these are correct

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    hey! thanks a lot man +repped

    EDIT: actually, those are PNGs... is there anyway u could make BMPs that look the same as those pngs?
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    I believe this should work.
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    I'm still new at PSP but I'll give it a shot.
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