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    When you have multiple instances running does that mean you make that much more times the amount they pay you? So say you make $0.10 and hour and your running 15 instances. Does that mean you'll get $1.50?
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    You will make more, but not by the same factor as the number of instances you run. Your processing time will be about [the number of instances] times more. However, you can only get the online time money once.
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    Oh i see, correct me if im wrong. For every new instance, theres a timer and im guessing each instance will run by its own time so its not stacking? If so, can i use this method with just one account or do i need multiple accounts?
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    with multiple instances you get:
    same online time as it was one instance
    more processing time as you have more instances.

    the processing time is calculated by gomez servers as you send them the data with all 15 instances. perhaps if you have 1 instance processing 1 minute and other 14 do nothing, you get just 1 minute of processing.

    you need multiple accounts if you reach 45$/ month with one.

    Hope I helped
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