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    Invitational only ------> <--- To Register go here on website under the Tree tree.jpg

    <----- Dont forget to Configure your BTC Adress and Password so you can Log in.

    Check your Faucetbox after every claim for proof !!!!

    All Payments are Direct and INSTANT !!! there is no waiting...!!!

    ****>Payment Proof <******
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    So I'm not familiar with Satoshi by any means, so I Googled it and here's what I found: 300 Satoshu = USD $0.0013368300. I feel like a proof of payment should have a minimum amount like $5 at least. This isn't even 1 cent.
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    Thank you for your comment.

    According to the site rules speed will increase with active referral count up to 0.006 BTC/minute.
    The site only accept invitations. So you will be able to register only when somebody invites you.
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    smells fishy
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    Quote Originally Posted by tojo View Post
    smells fishy
    I agree. Very phishy indeed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hotshott View Post
    I agree. Very phishy indeed.
    Haha, good one.

    I've never used a faucet before... Doesn't seem profitable enough for me.
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    Globally playing faucets isn't profitable these days, plus recently many new threshold sites that pays 1/week 1/24h etc usually turns to scam.
    I am posting only those sites that proved to pay instantly with no waiting.

    Knolix exist for 2 years and it pays instantly to your faucet box.

    Starting sum of 300 per claim isn't that much but it goes to 0.006 and the whole point of invitational concept is to put people forward making active referrals connecting each other, and if you are a little bit active you can start earning ok sum...
    I'll look and put more proved to be paying autopilot sites if i find for you guys....See ya round..

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    Are you an admin/owner of that site??
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