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  1. #1 WIN 900-5000 Satoshi every 20 Min ! 
    radioactive.gif BIG REWARDS HERE radioactive.gif


    Win 900-5000 satoshi every 20 minutes !

    REF LINK dougiepuppy.png ninaflag.png

    NO REF LINK dougiecry.png ninalesu.png

    They are giving away random amounts of money ranging from 900 to 5000 satoshi once per 20 min . You may not claim faster than that using the same IP address or account.

    Funds goes to your FaucetBox
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    you have to post Non-ref link as well...

    also any payment proof?
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    Payment proof please?
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    not paying anymore !!!!! Stop playing everyone!!! reported !!!!!
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    Its always a shame when sites turn out to be a scam. You using any other sites?
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    Yes i do and those are with direct instant payments i'll share soon... Anyway i am done playing faucets with threshold payments once/week etc..
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