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  1. #1 Get paid to POST in a forum + Get sharecash downloads 
    Rates for earning by posting in a forum:
    $0.01 per post
    $0.01 per thread
    $0.01 per REPLY to your threads

    Ref Link Click Here
    Non Ref Link Click Here

    Also want to earn money by doing jobs that take literally seconds? You will get a $1.10 employers bonus for signing up. You can use this site to pay people $0.30 to download your sharecash files and in return, you would profit. You can also pay people to do other simple jobs such as simple sign ups.

    Ref Link Click Here
    Non Ref Link Click Here

    My personal payment proof:

    Here is payment proof of someone else who earned $100:
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    any proof of payment?
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    Yes, I have two payment proofs posted in the first post. You can also visit the forums to see a ton more payment proofs.
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