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    Quote Originally Posted by gerge28 View Post
    first off, sorry if i sounded like i was trying to bash the your methods, i was only stating a fact. second off, no im not really sure why i got banned, and they didnt state a reason, but i suspect so because i was getting payed fine and doing nothing wrong until i used this method, so i believe that this is what caused my ban, but that is IMO. now let me ask you a question, have you gotten payed from treasure trooper using this method? if yes then i am wrong and i apologize, if no, i rest my case, thanks! again not trying to bash you or your methods, just trying to get this clear!

    i gotten paid from cash4free and cashcrate using this method. as you treasure trooper, i don't know yet, i've only just found out about the site, so when i cash out, i'll tell you. but like i said, if i get banned it's only because i've posted this method publicly with my ref link, so they can trace me. if you do the method privately and don't tell anyone, there is no way for them to find out....
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    damn its only for a pc, everything seems to come in an exe file
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    just got my dragon from TReasure TRooper shit is pimping on my Dragon Sig if you want to get a free Dragon and $5 when you sign up! for those that don't know, you can sell your dragon for Money!

    Update: this is my current earning for the month of February Taken as of 2/24/11. i forgot to log in a couple of days and had tests and papers so i missed out on a bit but the earnings are not so bad, pretty good considering it's easy work.
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    cashcrate still going strong? they been around for a long time
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    Quote Originally Posted by coolmadox View Post
    cashcrate still going strong? they been around for a long time
    yes, it's even stronger than before. they redid their site and it looks much more professional now. before it looked kinda ghetto lol.. their customer support is also better now.
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    jinjin, how much have you made on CC so far?
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    I tried the survey hack it tells me I completed it but when i go back to the survey section it doesn't show that any of the surveys were completed was not sure if this is how it worked? thanks for the guide found it very helpful.
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    Just wanted to update I was credited for the give us your 2cents survey which seems to be the only one that wants to work, and wanted to know if you could pm on the other methods that you have thanks again
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