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    ok so i have a blog in which i review GPT sites and i thought i would open it up to you guys too, all you have to do is write a short review of the GPT site your using including the bad and good points (i will check) and the review must be 100 - 200 words long, i will then post your review on my blog along with your ref link (not your ref link will stay for 30 days, after that i may replace it)

    SO this is basicaly 30 days FREE advertising for your ref link

    I will even submit your review to social book marking sites and complete a bunch of manual high PR backlinks for your review

    There is only one catch the site must be accesible by UK users, it can still be a US site as long as it allows UK signs ups. You can only write reviews for sites i haven't reviewed so check out - The Big UK GPT Review to see which sites i have already done

    once you have a review simply PM it to me, i will then copyscape check it and then post it on my blog

    if you wanna do this just post bellow

    No more freebies jeebies reviews though

    or email me at
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    thats alot of words...I dont think many peps will do this, but I could be wrong
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    woah my bad lol i meant 200 words changed it now
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    ok, maybe I will do this now, I was like WOAH! thats alot of words lol
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    well just PM me if you do write a review
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    But after the 30 days, you still keep our review right?
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    yeah i won't be deleting your reviews
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    Are you sure we will actually get referrals with this site?
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    no i'm not sure but i get around 5 - 10 refs a month per site so what do you have to lose?
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    Yeah, I'll give it a shot.
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