Thread: 2 Free DC Car Adapter Kits

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  1. #1 2 Free DC Car Adapter Kits 
    Use code: FREESHIPPING

    This will probably sell out very quickly.
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    cool I think i'll get this.
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    Says site has an error and i cant order. dang. nice find though!
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    promo code doesn't work...
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    It says the code FREESHIPPING cannot be used because it is invalid. Oh well
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    I believe you had to order from the site 3 times or more for the code to work.
    Go to the link and hover over the "How do I get free shipping" button.
    Too bad..
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    I think earlier it was working for anyone but they fixed it now.
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    oh well, thanks anyways k
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    Still not a bad deal. I will pay $6 for two of them.
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