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    i was just wondering how much tickets you get a day, bot or no bot.
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    I try maxing out. 1,000.
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    1000 max

    Post Extender
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    1k :O
    thats the limit right?
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    I get around 3,500 a day...
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    so i can't or can get more? 1k
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    you can't get more than 1000 tickets per account per day
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    Quote Originally Posted by Juventino View Post
    you can't get more than 1000 tickets per account per day
    No dur....
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    You can get more than 1000 tickets every day...

    You just cannot go over the daily ticket limit... And, the daily ticket limit is set by their server.

    Basically, you won't get any more tickets for games you play after 1000 tickets. But, lets say you get 999 tickets and play a game of Flexicon (25 tickets), then you end up with 1024 tickets for the day.

    See... 1024 is more than 1000, and you can do it every day...

    Also, if you bot 1024 tickets before the reset (at midnight UTC/GMT), and then bot another 1024 after the reset, you can technically get 2048 tickets on a single day... Course, you can only do that every other day...
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    I've got 4 accounts maxing out daily on chicken 4.4 :]
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