Thread: where to download music for itouch ?

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  1. #1 where to download music for itouch ? 
    i know about youtube to mp3 and torrent.

    is there a site that let me download music in itouch format ( with album cover, artist and stuff ? )

    will +rep if the site is good
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    usually most torrents have the covers and all that.

    Though if you want the image all you have to do is go to the itunes store find the album or song and save the image there.
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    Just torrent it. If its a good torrent it will have all info + album art. If worst comes to worst, google the album art, add it, and change the song info if you have to.
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    Also looking for a good one. Just finished clearing up 300+ songs, album art, title format, artist etc. Took the best part of 2 hours. Sick of it now -,-
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    Dilandau - Download music for FREE pro site if you don't wanna torrent. I used to use it.
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    Download songs from and Then download TuneUp and if you run it, it will get the song info and cover art. But the free version is limited to 100 Song cleanups, and 50 cover art saves, but you could always get cracked version Also Windows Media Player has this thing. Just right click and press something like Get Album Info
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alias View Post
    That's terrible there aren't even download links.. That is probably your site too.
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