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  1. #1 Google is Win 
    If you search

    Japan to China in Google Maps and scroll down to step 43 you see this.

    43. Jet ski across the Pacific Ocean

    Isn't Google awesome?

    Go look.
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    Quote Originally Posted by o_0rly View Post
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    There's one thing you enter where it says "Step blah-blah: Kayak across the pacific ocean"

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    I see it. haha nice. It said step 42 for me though, not 43.
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    rofl dunno why u guys dont see it lol
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    China to Taiwan gives you 'Swim across the Pacific Ocean' for step 55.
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    Hmm, if someone goes and tries this... and doesn't survive, we have a reason to sue them... lol
    *Please Don't!*
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    Forget google... They disabled my adsense account... Their has to be a way to get payed money by just chillin at home... And not talkin about just $100 a month. I wanna get payed about 10,000 a month... Programmers unite and let's make this money!!!
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    Lol post is lol ^

    Also, loving these x)
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