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  1. #1 ITT: I Buy My Mom A $16,500 Present 
    This is what I've been putting money aside for the past two years:

    Her and my dad were so surprised. Drove it home to them at 6am to get it to her before she left for school (5th and 6th grade science and math). She's driving it to chemo this afternoon.

    2007 model, V6, fun to drive on the curvy back-roads of North Carolina.

    Circle Of Gold
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    Cool car, but I'd rather pay for college first :X

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    That was nice of you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Doom View Post

    Cool car, but I'd rather pay for college first :X

    ITT - In this thread

    Also, nice car.
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    nice car man thats so nice of you
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    Quote Originally Posted by Doom View Post

    Cool car, but I'd rather pay for college first :X

    ITT = In This Thread.

    It's not about money anymore, Doom. College is paid for, and I'm almost done with that anyway.

    When I found out mom was dying two years ago, I started saving for something nice for her. When her miracle happened, I kept saving. Now that it's back (smaller albeit and definitely treatable), I bought her the car she's always wanted but never wanted to spend the money on.

    The smile on her and my dad's face when I pulled up made it all worth it.

    When I leave this world I want to leave it wealthy, not rich. Rich is having money, wealthy is having time.

    Circle Of Gold
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    If that's the case, good choice.

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    Wow, your generosity is epic. Your mother and father must be really proud, it's hard to find sons/daughters who really appreciate their parents. It's seems this generation is so upright they forgot to respect their elders. Kudos to you Rodite, your a mint guy.
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    nice car man. also nice thing to do for your mom. wish yall the best of luck
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    Thats some good shit. Extreme generosity at its finest. You sir, are one hell of a man.
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