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Thread: $11 For $580? We'll See! {Train]

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  1. #1 $11 For $580? We'll See! {Train] 
    Hey, I am gonna attempt to get my entire account green, by myself! Method such as vpn and remote desktop with real address, only spending $11! If this work, i will work on a release, i was thinking $100 for the guide! Subs only! But i am going to keep this thread updated with my status!

    I would like to know every-way your account ref went red, or anyway you ever got banned so i don't make the same mistakes! Have you ever try this? Please tell me!

    DAY 1- Zero Greens

    Will post image after Greens! Thx Panda!
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    Amazed if you pull this off. Don't let the Trainn menz see this thread.
    Good luck
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    Nothing should link me back, i think i cover all my end and using some good alias!
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    i've actually thought about doing this..good luck
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    Inbefore waste of 11 dollars. Just kidding . goodluck with this.
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    at least white out the website just to be safe. I've had "occurances" where stuff I posted here came back to bite me .

    inb4theyallgored (<- then you file a scam report )
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    lol i did this when they had an exploitable offer.

    As long as your ip n shit are un detectable ur good.
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    I don't think anybody would ever pay $100 for the guide, but good luck with your cashout.
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    interesting. $100? Ok..
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    11 pingo offer for da win? sorry if i ruined ur chance
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