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  1. #1 Which HDTV to buy? 
    I'm going off to college soon and I want to buy a 20-30" HDTV for my dorm. I am mainly looking for best quality for the cheapest price. Anybody have any ideas?
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    here try this link Electronics: TV & Video: All TVs: 21" - 29"

    I believe SamSung or Vizio are your best bet
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    if you are going into a dorm setting, do yourself a favor and just buy a cheaper t.v. Trust me on that. If you put a nice t.v. in a dorm it becomes a target for theft. Im sure you're a responsible person who would keep your stuff safe, but the thing is if you have a nice t.v. people assume you have nice stuff overall. Maybe it was just where I was idk. I just picked up a P.O.S until i moved into an apartment.
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    Get an Insignia from Best Buy if you want something around 30" that had awesome quality and is affordable. We bought a 32" and are very happy with it.
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    My buddy has this one RCA 32" 720p 60Hz Class LCD HDTV, L32HD31R: TVs $350.00 but from the quality, etc, it looks like a great buy for the price. The speakers suck on it, but it's not bad. But the quality is def great for the price.
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