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    I don't normally do this, but I'm putting a plug in for a Fiverr guy who I've used int the past. I just finished an order and though I'd pause for 2 seconds and throw up a thread. Its a Fiverr logo service, so don't expect the worlds greatest logo. But, if you give this guy solid direction, you'll get something awesome for $5. Unlike most Fiverr sellers, he will literally do unlimited revisions. This is really what I like the most. If his first logo sucks, he'll create an entirely new logo for you and then do 3 more revision on it untill your happy. Oh, and hes fast. He'll get it done in 1 day and then do revisions very very quickly. Lots of fiverr sellers act like they can take 5 days for a logo and then 2 days per revisions so that the gig closes. This guy doesn't mess around which is a relief. All for $5. Well, with Fiverr updates I guess its $6. If you're going to start a website or do anything professional you need a logo, no matter what. If you dont' want to do it yourself, and don't want to search through 9001 Fiverr gigs, check out this guy alex_logos | Logo Design, Photoshop Editing | Fiverr
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    I need one myself, actually. Gonna contact him, thanks for the referral! So many people offer logo stuff on Fiverr it's really frustrating to sort through them all.
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