I think in the next year CN will be paving a new path into automated money making. Right now one of the best ways to make money botting is to spam social platforms. 6 years ago it was possible to spam the hell out of Twitter and get massive traffic from it. This was when anyone showed up on the #hashtags. Whatever #hash was trending displayed the most recent tweets, not the most liked tweets from important people. So, it was very easy to get traffic by registering 100 twitter accounts and having one of those accounts tweet each second in a #hash and rotate through. Yeah, accounts got banned back then too, but it was easy to keep creating them fast enough.

Now, most social networks will ban you faster than you can blink. By 'most' I mean the ones that are popular enough for your friends to use. I was re-looking into some things and just want to go ahead and make a thread to keep track of stuff stuff (I may update this thread's OP).

Proxies. You must have them. I know some people use this website and this one but I haven't bought proxies in a while. Semi-dedicated should be fine for botting social media. The rule of thumb is generally 2-3 accounts per IP. Proxies are about $1 each if you buy a few and get slightly cheaper as you buy more.

Accounts. An obvious one. Depending on the website there might be account providers. I highly suggest that you buy accounts with age on them if you can. Not necessarily content, but just an old registration date with a few follows/likes/friends/follows/whatever. Plenty of sites have restrictions on young accounts. Make sure they have not been phone verified. You don't want to end up locked out because its been attached to a number you don't have.

Accounts on Proxies. I would permanently assign accounts to proxies.

VPS. Usually you don't want to use your computer for hard core botting. If you're on a budget you don't need this as long as you have enough computing power yourself... and don't mind leaving your computer on.

Phone verification. On lots of sites you'll eventually need phone verification especially with a lot of activity. (Why you don't want a pre-verified account). Here's a CN thread that talks about sources for free phone verification.

Masking. Lots of networks block or auto-ban when they see a certain url or domain in an account's bio or post etc. There is a good chance your affiliate network or content locking network is already banned. This isn't a problem... not to mention you really shouldn't be direct linking anyways... ever...

Using authority sites. People have been masking links through authority sites forever. Back when spamming worked on Google people registered parasites on various authority sites like wordpress/weebly/tumblr/pinterest/springform and blasted them with spam, and they would rank pretty easily for several weeks. Just like people disguised some spam by appearing to be an authority website, you can leech off .blogspot.com in order to remain undetected. No site will auto blog based off a unique .blogspot.com in a bio. Use it like a landing page with some content and buttons that redirect to a website with your affiliate offer or whatever. I would advise that each authority landing page is a little unique. It would look suspicious if all the sudden twitter saw 100 twitter accounts engaging in suspicious behavior and all of their website links led to the same content.

URL Shortener. For most profiles/posts I would use a url shortener to the authority website unless theres a reason not to. Aka, maybe you're advertising that you've been doing something crazy with your blog and then it would make sense. But if you're going after a niche like "do my homework for me" you'll probably be better off with bit.ly.

Domain names. There are always some domains that you can buy for $1. Namecheap.. Don't use GoDaddy for multiple domains. Host your own affiliate stuff there. This means that your Botted Account --> Blogspot --> $1 domain. It is very likely that certain extensions will increase a ban rate. .com's are always the best and always more expensive. .info domains were $1 for a while and .info extensions got auto-banned on some places a lot easier. There are more $1 options now.

Quick content for your $1 site. Don't waste your time designing something if you can just scrape what you need with HTTrack Website Copier - Free Software Offline Browser (GNU GPL)

Hosting. The easiest option is to get a hosting account that allows unlimited addon domains. Then you can just keep adding $1 domains and throwing up scraped landing pages with httrack.

Targeting. Desktop vs mobile makes a big difference for offers, if you're doing CPA.

Advanced URL Manipulation. Here is an advanced gold nugget. Its manipulative and will fool a lot of stupid consumers. You're going to disguise your domain as an authority site -- not like the .blogspot authority site from earlier. For instance, you can trick your visitors to think that they are on Microsoft's, eBay's, Playstation's, etc website. Here's how, [cn_contributor_content].

Bot settings. Every bot is different and so is each site. So, techniques will always change. You might have to experiment a bit. But, if the site has bot protection implemented you want to be as 'natural' as you can and you're going to get banned a few times -- and make note of why / what you were doing. Try to randomize and vary your activity.

Handling a ban. Never repeat the exact authority site of an account that was banned, make a new one. For the big players you might want to not even repeat the website hosted at blogspot. Obviously never repeat emails etc...