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    Does anyone have experience with dropshipping on Amazon? I just watched a long webinar that was really just a sales pitch. Of course, literally no information was disclosed, just said the method. Didn't disclose any of the dropshipping sources. The concept is simple. List an item on Amazon for more than the dropshipper is charging. I'm sure there are some categories with fewer competition and stuff and it would be nice to know what some of those are. But the real key just seems to be finding a good dropshipper... Does anyone have experience or knowledge about this?

    I think there is probably a lot of potential to dropship with amazon. I just don't really know how to get started.
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    I used a couple drop shipping options to sell on eBay when I was in college and honestly I'm 99.99% sure the products I sold were counterfeit. However, I made them ship them to me (electronics) and then I sold them on eBay shortly after because I probably sold 8-10 every day at $40-200/ea depending on which one I sold.

    Here's a couple things:
    1) Nothing is stopping the drop shipper from also selling them on Amazon. So you get the item at $25/each and list for $35 and yet somehow someone else still manages to sell them for $25/each (or even less). That would be your drop shipper who is OK selling them to you for $25/ea... so they're OK selling them to anyone else for the same amount.
    2) There are a LOT of sketchy sites claiming to drop ship. Some are real. Some take your "signup fee" and never do anything. Some advertise great prices then you'll find out that's for people buying 100k/month only. And some pretend to be real but never ship anything. Leaving you with a lot of unhappy people wanting refunds.
    3) It's stressful. You're always wondering if they actually shipped your item... if the right item was shipped.. etc.

    I'm sure there's a lot of legit drop shippers but it's not what I would call "easy" to profit from. You'd probably have more luck ordering from Alibaba and reselling. I have a friend who ordered rubber wrist bands for like $0.10/ea and sold them for $5.00 each on Amazon. After amazon fees (he let Amazon manage inventory) he only ended up with a dollar or so... but it was minimal effort so minimal return.
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    Oh wow. You're pretty experienced. Thanks for a great thought out answer. Some of you guys have been doing a great job of laying out really solid detailed answers.

    1) I was wondering the same thing. But apparently quite a few people drop ship through Amazon, so there must be something to it. And amazon gets a TON of traffic.
    2) Agreed. It sucks that there isn't a good resource of quality ones. Its hard to figure out where to start. I'm not really willing to gamble too much on drop shipping.
    3) Yeah, that's a situation I don't want (with the addition of unhappy peeps wanting refunds)..

    I guess I'm trying to figure out if there is some relatively 'easy' profits in selling on Amazon. Maybe not drop shipping....... maybe buying wholesale of something that isn't offered through drop shipping, sending it to Amazon warehouse, and then just listing it?

    What the heck ate up your rubber wrist band friend's profits? Surely Amazon didn't take $3+ per bracelet??
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    I don't have experience with Amazon. There are some cool tools out there for Amazon research though. Maybe google that if you're serious about getting started.

    Here's an idea: Create, outsource, or buy an auto-buyer bot. Auto-buy rare and limited edition stuff (like Nikes) and then re-sell on Amazon or eBay.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nat View Post
    Here's an idea: Create, outsource, or buy an auto-buyer bot. Auto-buy rare and limited edition stuff (like Nikes) and then re-sell on Amazon or eBay.
    Has CN ever had an auto-buying bot before?
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