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    I signed up with G2A a long time ago, and I've had some success with it and haven't touched it since setting it up. So, I thought I would share.

    Its a type of affiliate network, and they offer a lot of helpful tools. To make money, people will have to actually purchase items from However, its a trusted website and they sell a massive amount of games every day. You'll make money by referring people as well (if they sell anything). There are 3 Levels of referrals that you can make money from.

    I'd love it if you signed up under my referral link here, or just go to

    Here is a bit more about how it works:
    G2A Goldmine is an innovative profit generator. It is fully integrated with G2A.COM, one of the leading games and software selling platforms. The money you are to earn is based on purchases made in the G2A shop using your ‘Reflinks’ or discount coupons. The information tracing your Reflinks can be easily accessed on each product page. you most likely wonder what a Reflink is, right? Let us take a look at the first set of information down here.

    A Reflink is actually a simple link assigned individually to you only. If you wish to look for them they can be easily found in “My Profile” tab as well as in “Tools”. By clicking on the blue button “Copy reflink” you will create your own reflink and if your name is, for example Richie Rich, it should look like this: At first sight it may look simplistic but give it a chance – this is going to be your main tool that will help you earn money. In just a few steps we will tell you how you can use it to generate your first profit

    Forget about one-time only commissions! Each person who makes a purchase thanks to your recommendation will be permanently added to your Team. Thanks to that, every order made by that person in the future, will bring you profit. And that is just for a start up! If the person you invited, does the same with their friends you are going to get money through their shopping! Are you interested in how much you can make and why we are thinking in large scale? Check the Earning Details for more information.

    Before we start talking numbers, you need to meet your new friend. Therefore, we humbly introduce you to the cookies. Our artisian dwarf programmer has mastered the Cookies technology a long time ago and he is the one who places Cookies in your reflinks and discount coupons. To illustrate this, think of a reflink as a letter sent to your friend. It is not an ordinary letter, because it contains cookies which are invisible to the untrained eye. The question is: why do we place them there? Cookies have great memory and they always remember people to whom you sent your reflinks. If someone does not make a purchase right after clicking on a reflink but does it some time later, the cookies will make sure this person is added to your Team.

    How does it work? Think about it for a second. Let's say you have 400 friends (either in real or virtual world on such social media portals like Facebook, Tumblr or Twitter) and just 5% of them regularly buy games. Those 20 people are the key ones since they can earn money for you each time they purchase a new title. But that is not all. Consider what can happen if your friends start recommending Goldmine to others. If only they invite 20 people each your commission will grow to 400 people! Does that sound good enough? That's what we call the strength of unity when everybody can benefit equally

    Another great method you can use, are all sort of internet message boards. Almost every game has at least one, where people share ideas and their gaming passion. Do not hesitate, make an account, take part in discussions and become a part of the community – and once you find a suitable opportunity share the information about Goldmine.

    We all know how much time we spent on gaming . And WE LOVE DOING IT!! Do not look around for strangers who might feel a bit harassed if nagged by random questions. Get to know them first! Find a cool guild with many great people, befriend them, spend time together and when you feel the right moment share your Goldmine information.
    The first and the most important rule – DO NOT spam! The most common mistake is making an account and posting in a random section of a forum. This method will get you banned not potentially profit.

    What did I do in order to make some money?

    I made a wordpress website (really quickly, looks pretty crappy) and copy and pasted some information about the site, and wrote a short guide with some decent information / strategies about how to spread your referral link. Then, I shared the wordpress site around some different places and never touched it again. I think I made around $50 in total and I'm still earning about $1 a month. This is not impressive, but theres a lot of potential to earn a good amount if you've actually got some motivation.

    PM me if you've got any questions or want any help.
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    If anyone is interested in signing up, sign up under me and I'll PM you a few more tactics for getting referrals and how to drop cookies.
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    Just got a payment sent out
    g2a paypal.jpg
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    Just got a payment sent out for the last two months of auto-pilot
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