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    Alright, if you are my referral for Lazy Profits, I'm giving you a free ebook on how to make money PM me, you will need to include your name and email.

    Ask any Network Questions in the Network thread

    Please email once you have been approved

    Other benefits of being a ref:

    Free Email support
    Unlimited Questions
    Method discussion
    Discounts on/ and or free other ebooks

    Click the Lazy Profits banner in my Signature to sign up!

    Or Click Here

    I will accept any member or viewer and give you the guide!

    I finally started working on Lazy Profits last night. These are the earnings I got today:

    Payment Proof:

    Clicks from yesterday and the other 2 days was me messing around. (lol)

    More Information from the Network Manager:

    Quote Originally Posted by Sliq View Post
    Hi, this is Craig with Lazy Profits again. Thrilled to see this thread, a lot of affiliates have been sent out way.
    We do pay all of our affiliates sending us legitimate and quality traffic. If you do something like, for example, run through email submits on proxies, we'll catch you real quick and we can't pay you for that. We don't even get paid for that, we lose lots of money and hate it when that happens.

    We don't send any spam email or anything like that either, you can ask Michael and like he said, we very rarely send out emails unless they are critical updates that affiliates should need to hear about.
    Any affiliates under the age of 18, it's no problem. The SSN field is not required during sign up.
    Own a ShiftCode GPT? You can import all of our incentive offers to your GPT very easily, just contact me.

    I'll personally make sure anyone who signs up through this referral gets approved, keep 'em coming!
    No need to worry about approval, you will be approved

    More information by Manager Craig:

    Quote Originally Posted by Sliq View Post
    Hey guys, this is Craig over at Lazy Profits, owner and manager of the network. Would like to first say thanks for bringing this thread to this forum, I found it by way of Google Alerts and I keep a pretty close eye on the buzz that surrounds the network.

    We do indeed accept blackhat traffic. Like said in the OP, if you want to attempt to fill out offers through proxies and cheat the network, you'll get caught and terminated very quickly. We do have a ton of offers that you can make money with. I also see that there is some GPT talk on this forum, all of our incentive offers can be promoted by GPT, we actually have a system implemented so you can import hundreds of our incentive offers to a ShiftCode GPT in seconds, practically.

    If you guys need any help, shoot me a forum PM or IM me. Our AMs are always available too, their contact info can be found under Our Team below the Snapshot tab.

    If you didn't get the verification call (only calls once, won't call certain countries), don't worry, we are very fast to manually approve accounts. Keep a close eye on our Training section, we're always releasing new material!
    Interested in another network? Look around here or pm me!
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    k I'll sign up and PM you later
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    i dont like the fact of putting your ssn on the site :<
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    Anyway to not put your ssn on the site?

    If so I will join!


    Emailed them, never got the phone call

    aim is rogueforte
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    Yeah I'll sign up under you.
    Let me know when you are back from dinner and then IM me on AIM. My name erich7990.
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    Hey, i actually saw that in your sig like a week ago and signed up. I am only 16, so yeah, do they allow that?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ThePro View Post
    Hey, i actually saw that in your sig like a week ago and signed up. I am only 16, so yeah, do they allow that?
    Yep, 16 years old is fine email me your name

    Ill be back in like 45 minutes k
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    Signed up and sent you an email.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Getrich View Post
    Signed up and sent you an email.
    Thanks Sent you an email back.
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    signed up, ever got the call with the code so it says someone will contact me shortly. should i start anew with another account and opt out of phone?
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